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Finding the perfect fabric for your next wardrobe update is a hassle. You scour the stores in person, searching for that ideal material, only to be disappointed by overpriced options. At Petalsindia, we are committed to making your online shopping experience easy and making it simple to find the suitable fabric for your wardrobe and under budget. We've sourced the finest fabric collections straight from the locals and delivered them all online - from casual, formal, and wedding wear to rare fabrics that skilled artisans have beautifully crafted. So, from everyday wear to wedding fabrics and everything in between, get access to it all without leaving your home. We'll bring you only high- quality material directly from the looms.

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Mini Nair is a post graduate medical professional with a keen interest in the arts. She is an artist and works in watercolors as well as acrylics. Since childhood she has an affinity for dress designing and stitched her own clothes. Her daughter Ashwini is an Arts graduate with psychology mains. She too is very creative and has designed beautiful embroidery works and paintings. Both mother daughter duo aim to widen the market for handlooms, handcrafted fabrics and handembroidered clothing and apparels.

Customer Reviews

Hello ma'am, I received the parcel yesterday. The stuff is really good. I'm so glad that my friend and me purchased these from you. Thank you so much

Selina Vishnu

it's really beautiful the fact that it is hand painted makes it even more better

Chhayadevi Sisode,Thane

Amazing sari! The fabric and color is exactly as seen in the picture. And it drapes very beautifully. Thank you for shipping it in just a week. Will visit again for more purchase.

Aniruddh Musku,Telangana


How to Choose the Best Fabric for Clothes?

To select the best fabric for your dress,
first, decide what kind of dress you want to make. Then check the weight of the
material, followed by the drape (how the fabric falls), and finally, check
whether the fabric stretches well or not. Make sure the colour is even and free
of any spots or streaks when you inspect the fabric. Examine the fabric
carefully for any signs of uneven colouring. If you find any locations where
the colours are fading, especially around the fold line, you should switch to a
different cloth. If you detect light colours in some places of the fabric,
unless it's part of the pattern, don't buy it because it means the colour will
fade when you wash it. When choosing your fabric, keep the shrinkage factor in
mind. You must know whether the fabric will shrink after washing. Each cloth
shrinks at a different rate. To be on the safe side, add an extra 10% of fabric
to the mix.

Why Buy from Petalsindia?

Indian style has no adjectives to match for as it's all about a way of living an artistic, relaxed, and rustic life. Petalsindia offers modern, contemporary and traditional designs for women to express their elegance and match it with the prevailing trends. We are a world full of sassy fashion, timeless clothing and accessories, beautiful home decor, mesmerizing talent from around the country, and all the goodies of life. In short, Indian Culture is yours to explore! So, if you are looking for handmade Indian Dupattas, sarees, dress material, stoles, face masks, home and kitchen, jewellery, woollens for international orders or bulk orders, you need to check out our fantastic product range

Where can I check my order details?

You can view your order by logging in the linkwww.petals-india.com. Once you login  you will see an option 'my orders' where you can view all your past orders. Also a confirmation of your order will be sent to you via email. 

When will I receive my order?

Once the order is placed tracking details will be emailed to you on your registered email address. 

Can I add something to my existing order?

If the order has not been shipped yet you can add. For that get in touch with us via email onhello@petals-india.comor call/ msg us on 9021226215

Can I modify my order?

You can, if the order has not been shipped. Usually we dispatch the order on the same day it is placed within an hour or two. You can email onhello@petals-india.comor call/ watsapp on 9021226215

How can I care for my products?

- First wash should be dry cleaning. -You can wash with mild liquid soap/ shampoo in luke warm water for subsequent cleaning after the first wash. 
- Bandhni & silk materials should be strictly dry cleaning only. 
- Do not soak overnight- Do not soak in detergent- Gentle hand wash is preferred over machine wash. 
- Do not dry in hot sunlight. 

Are all products handmade and naturally dyed?

Yes. All products are handmade and naturally dyed. 

The color is a little different from the pictures?

The pictures are taken with a camera in closed room in artificial light. Sometimes slight variations can result from the actual. However we try to take as natural as possible the pictures. 

When will the order be shipped?

We usually ship the order on the same day within one or two hours of placing the order. 

Do you offer reverse shipping for return of the product?

Yes we do offer reverse shipping if it is in India. Sometimes in remote areas it is not possible to arrange pick up. In that case we reimburse ₹ 100/- on your shipping. In case of international orders, reverse shipping has to be done by the customer herself. 

How much time before I receive my order?

It takes 3 to 4 days usually to ship and deliver your order. If international delivery has to be done it may take more time. 

My tracking details?

As soon as we ship your products tracking details are emailed to you and sms is sent to you. 

Are your products available internationally?

Most of them are available all over the world. Please check onwww.petals-india.com

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping above orders of 2500/- are free. Below 2500/- ₹200/- is  charged within the country. For international orders shipping depends on the weight and customs and import duty of your country which is borne by the customer.